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What you Need to Know About Foreign Currencies

 What you Need to Know About Foreign Currencies

What are the Foreign Currencies?


Currency is simply any generally accepted medium of exchange for services and goods in a particular region or country. Foreign currency is any kind of currency not usually used in a particular country or region. Though, most countries have got their own currency, there are some other that often adopt another countries currency as their own. For instance, the euro is a very common currency in very many countries in Europe. 


The currency exchange market for making money is a market where people trade one kind of money like the Euro, for another, like the USA dollar. Since both kinds of currency can usually be used to buy services or goods in different places of this global world we’re living in, a currency exchange should be made if you’re planning to travel to a country which doesn’t accept their country’s currency as payment. Basically, another person in any foreign country might not want to exchange his/her cash into currency which that foreign country cannot readily use. This is the reason why exchanges are normally made through large institutions like banks, major retailers and hotels. Let’s now have a look at how foreign currency often work. 


What you Need to Know About Foreign Currencies

How Foreign Exchange Currency Work


When a person is making an monetary exchange , he/she can use traveler’s checks, cash or even any Automated teller machine in the foreign country. Generally, the most essential part of making a monetary exchange is often exchange rate that is currently being used.

Be aware that exchange rate normally fluctuates over time because of the changes that happen in the global exchange market. The purchasing power and desirability of a currency can also make the exchange rates to fluctuate. For example, I can purchase a TV set in the U.S. for 1, 000 US dollars, and the same television in Kenya costs 90, 000 Shillings. Generally, an estimate for the exchange rate wound be 1USD= 90 Shillings.

Many factors such as government monetary policy, trade balance, interest rates as well as political instability can make the exchange rate shift away from the purchasing power equivalence.


Role of Foreign Currency Exchange Markets


* Facilitating International Financial Transactions:-


These transactions can be selling and purchasing of goods, direct investment in equipment or buildings in any foreign country or the buying of investment vehicles such as foreign bonds.


* Currency Value:-


The value of a currency in a country can easily influence inflation, consumer’s purchasing power as well as international trade. Central banks of a region or a country, like the USA Federal Reserve, can seek to minimize the impacts of the currency fluctuations. Foreign currency exchange market serves as a tool for the central banks to control the value of their currency by selling and buying currency, which is influencing the total amount in worldwide circulation.


Last, but not least, if you’re a manager in a certain firm, you can use the currency exchange market for making money to diversify the portfolios of your firm and in the long run end up increasing the returns of the company. Don’t you think that that can be indeed great? Thank you.