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Information On The Stock Exchange In The US

 Information On The Stock Exchange In The US

Stock is an instrument which given legal status regarding the ownership in a company. Hence when a person buys a stock he or she becomes a part owner of the company. The ownership percentage would depend on the number of share he or she holds. Companies offer shares to mop up capital from the market whenever needed. Today the US stock market is huge and there is no doubt that it is the largest generator of turnover when compared to other markets in the world. 

Wall Street

There is no doubt that Wall Street is synonymous with stock buying and selling. It perhaps started operation as early as the 17th century and since the Dutch built a walled fence to protect themselves from attacks it came to be known as Wall street. However it needs to be kept in mind that the first stock exchange in USA was created in Philadelphia in the year 1790. The New York exchange was started a few years later but did not work well. Experts from New York Stock Exchange were sent to Philadelphia to find out the reasons for their success. This resulted in formal and strict New York Stock and this certainly has been well accepted by the locals because of some obvious advantages.


Over the past many years the main stock exchanges of USA are NYSE and NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange. They are responsible for over 95% of stocks and shares that are bought and sold in the country and therefore they are considered to be the backbone of the entire stock market as far as the USA is concerned. There cover a host of products and services and range from consumer durable, to FMCG products, communication to finance, health to retail trade, electronic technology to commercial services and much more. 

The entire US Stock exchange is fully automated and it is one of the most advanced and tech savvy. The best thing about these stock markets is that it is fully computerized and online trading is the norm of the day. Each day stocks and shares worth billions of dollars are bought and sold. Apart from conventional stocks and shares, there are also many financial and stock derivatives which are also hugely popular. It also would be pertinent to mention here that mutual funds are also very popular and a huge chunk of business of stocks and shares is done through this route. Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that the US stock exchange is one of the biggest in the world, though China is posing a big competition to US stock market.