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How to Make Profits in Stock Trading

 How to Make Profits in Stock Trading

Stocks, sometimes referred to as equity investments or simply equities, are assets that give an investor partial ownership in a company. Consequently, the investor is entitled to a corporation's earnings and assets.

When a company desires to raise money from investors, it issues stock. Stocks can be classified into the following two categories:

a) Common stock: Common stock gives the owner the right to vote at the shareholders meeting. Common stockholders rank lowest on the priority ladder of a company's ownership. This means that in the event a company is pronounced bankrupt, common stockholders will only get paid after preferred shareholders, bondholders and all other debt-holders have been entirely settled.

How to Make Profits in Stock Trading


b) Preferred stockholders: Holders of preferred stock have a higher claim on the company's assets and earnings as opposed to common stockholders. Preferred shareholders do not have rights to elect the board of directors in a corporation.


Stocks, and how investors make money out of them, are a subject many prospective investors do not understand. It is more than selecting and buying the right stocks or trading rapidly. Rather, more weight lies in receiving dividends and interest, holding and owning securities as well as reaping as much benefit as possible from stock appreciation.


This is why as a starter investor, one need to research and understand the best ways to purchase assets and the smartest investing strategies. Talking of investment, there are two ways you can make money. You are either an owner of assets whose increase in value will translate into significant profits, or you are a loaner who loans money for a particular return. Stocks are one of the investments whose value is bound to appreciate over time.


How to reap high profits from stock investment


Study the volatility


Stocks that have an active beta of 1 or over are a good bet. Beta 1 indicates that the stock in question has high chances of moving in line with the market. Should the market experience 2%, fall the stock also falls with the same capacity. A maximum beta of 2.5 is a dangerous ground to tread on.


An investor can also watch the trending ranges for numerous companies and corporations then bet on stock shares that swing more to increase the overall profits later on.


Utilize the limit feature to manage risk


Electronic trading channels have a limit function. The feature allows investors to regulate and set the highest amount they wish to pay for a particular stock.


This feature also gives you enough time to evaluate the direction the market is taking and protects your chances of purchasing at a lower price as well.


Determine the market mood 


Gauge the market mood and move swiftly. If you can not predict market direction, acquire analytical tools or reach out to market analysts to help you. 


Determining the market mood will require that you listen and learn if different buyers are saying the same positive thing. If such is the case, you move swiftly and purchase the stock shares before other potential investors jump in.


Nevertheless do not swallow everything doing rounds on tv or radio, internet chat rooms, unsolicited emails, bulletin boards or newsletters. All these can be channels of stock touting.

However, if you intend to purchase stock that you plan to hold onto for long term investment, you need to rely on the company's fundamentals like dividend policy, market share, price-to-earnings multiple, long-term strategy and expansion potential.




Any form of investing comes with a risk. Not investing is even riskier. This is why as an investor out to make profits you should expand your stock investment options.

Investing your money in different stocks with distinct portfolios is likely to generate you more money than tying yourself to stocks from a single company.


Staying diversified and disciplined is the best defense against likely losses when dealing with stock investment.


Let time be your best friend

An excellent way to make money grow is taking advantage of time. The good thing about investing in stocks is that a person of any age can invest though young people shy away from it. This should not be the case because starting investing earlier is bound to yield more fruits later on.

It does not add up to sit and wait for market stability to start investing. So as to reap profits from investing in stocks, you need to realize that time is the diet your money needs to compound interest. The earlier you start, the better the interests compounded over time.

Avoid monitoring your investment too closely

A watched pot never boils. The same adage applies to stock marketing. Nip your desire to follow closely and constantly obsess over your stock investment. If you aim to build long term wealth, watch your quarterly or monthly statements only to update yourself on their performance.

You do not need to start big

Start investing in small amounts of money. If you buy stocks in a rush without studying their previous, say five to ten years’ performance you may be setting your best foot on fire. If you are not sure about your stock choice, you can solicit advice from a broker.

Determine when to sell

Knowing when to sell your stock is extremely vital. Proper timing ensures an investor preserves their gains and reduces the chances of having to contend with massive losses should the prices dwindle down the scale. Rarely does an investor buy at the exact bottom and sell at the precise top.


Stock trading is one of the best means an investor can secure the future. For new investors who are green about the game, it is important that they get a mentor to give them insights and direct their baby steps. An excellent guide will answer questions, recommend useful resources and give encouragement when things get tough.

 The good thing about stock trading is that investors eventually hone their skills with years of experience. It will also pay dividends if an investor studies great investors of the past. This will help them to learn the ropes of the business as they imitate their predecessors.